Toilet Transitions

Going to the bathroom is boring. But there's a lot more than just that going on for autistics that make us avoid going until we absolutely have to.

Follow Up on Autistic Child for Sale

Since being simultaneously outraged and heartbroken at the advertisement for the autistic girl, I have learned some horrible truths. Apparently attaching grant money to children in order to pay for them to be re-adopted is common place, especially for special needs children that are even less wanted than regular children. And there are so many... Continue Reading →

New Option to Replace Functioning Levels

The autistic community (talking about #actuallyautistic people) are pretty sick of functioning labels. The labels are divisive and dismissive. Would YOU want to be called "low functioning" ? No? Then how dare we call others that. Not to mention, an autistic's ability to do something can vary from day to day and circumstance to circumstance.... Continue Reading →

Birthdays and Autism

"My family is insisting my autistic child should have a birthday party, but my child gets sensory overload from parties and hates the change in routine. What should I do?"

Lining Things Up

Google the phrase "lining things up" and you get scary results with words like "red flag" and "inappropriate play." Why is this so threatening?

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