How many balls does it take to make a ball pit?

I loved the idea from Pinterest of turning a no-longer-used Pack n’ Play into a home ball pit. What Pinterest doesn’t tell you in it’s little Pin descriptions is how many balls you need to make it work. Which makes ordering online chancy and for me required multiple trips to Wal-mart because spacial reasoning is more Builder Boy’s strength than mine, apparently.

If you want to set this up for a baby-2 years old, 250 is enough. But if you want to have enough for a 4 year old, or for her 8 and 10 year old brothers, 400 is the bare minimum.

Surprisingly, Lady Bug does not use this as much as I expected a sensory seeker to want it. And even more surprisingly to me, the boys love it. Builder Boy once took every blue ball in the “pit” and stuffed it into his blue shirt and soft pants. (Blue is Builder Boy’s color.) Both he and Early Bird tried to sit in it at the same time, but that caused problems so the rule became “only one kid at a time.” It is possible Lady Bug will enjoy it more as she gets older. I’m done having kids, so it’s not like I’m going to need it for other things. And it’s nice to have a use for this thing I bought 10 years ago.


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