Reaction to Disney Pulling Content from Netflix

If you haven’t heard already, Disney is going to be pulling it’s content from Netflix. Including Lady Bug’s beloved Little Einsteins. I’m very certain we are not the only special needs family who is going to be negatively affected by this. Either we lose something really important to our children’s emotional regulation, or we pay more every month.

There was a time 18 months ago when Lady Bug only communicated through Little Einsteins songs. It was after her regression, and around the time she was official identified/diagnosed as autistic. She would sing the melody and I would get a clue as to what she was thinking or feeling. The majority of her internal-world monologue scripting is scenes from Little Einsteins. She relates to things in the real world by connecting them to the show. It has been a bridge to help us communicate and connect. I say what’s supposed to come next and her face lights up and we can go back and forth.

Leap Frog removed the majority of their content from Netflix a while back. Thankfully, before that happened a good family friend had bought as a gift the 4 dvds of Lady Bug’s favorites. That way there was no interruption or problem. This is not possible for Little Einsteins. As far as I know, they do not offer all of the episodes on dvds. (We do have a few of them.) But even if they did, at usually $20 per 3 episode dvd, the cost is prohibitive.

I get that Disney thinks they can make more money this way, and it’s their right to do so. But I think they’re going to lose on this one. Less people are goint to pay for their separate content than they would get eyeballs on through Netflix. With less people buying cable/satellite tv, that means fewer people being indoctrinated into the Disney culture. Less interest in buying their products and theme parks. They probably think they’re too big a cultural influence for that; I don’t.

So, is Disney pulling from Netflix and charging for it separately the equivalent of a tax on special needs families? Will you pay for it as a life necessity, or wean your kids off of it so they’re not adversely affected?

Edited later to add: I got a lot of negative feedback on this post on facebook. I wrote a response/clarification here.

7 thoughts on “Reaction to Disney Pulling Content from Netflix

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    1. I think I signed up for the movie club thing once upon a time. Is that the thing with the movie code rewards for every dvd you buy? Or is that the thing they mail with stickers and you get a movie every month and have to send it back if you don’t want it?


    1. It’s been interesting to see the shift away from regular tv/cable/satellite to streaming and all the next works beginning to have their own streaming. If you got all of them it would probably add up to the same as a cable bill; which defeats the whole purpose, right? I wonder if we will be doing something else 10 years from now.


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