Sensory Friendly Room

We got lucky with our home and have a 2nd bedroom that is almost as large as the master bedroom. When the boys were sharing a room, this was the play room, and I had so many plans for a climbing wall and a trapeze and other things. But it became clear that they had reached the age where they needed their own space for calm down purposes. So this room became the Lady Bug/Play room.

Since Lady Bug is our third child, she has the benefit of the accumulation of toys and things from over the years. Builder Boy did not have it nearly so lucky when he was her age. The tent we got when Builder Boy was very small and it has been loved for many years. Having an enclosed space is something all three of my spectrumy kids have loved. The ball pit is the Pack n’ Play we’ve had since Builder Boy was a baby. The indoor trampoline was purchased to help Early Bird with home school and has been a sanity saver. The tumble mat was added when we first purchased the house and hasn’t always been used in the way I expected it to. I first got the idea to get a tumble mat when Lady Bug was 2 and she encountered one in a church nursery. She delighted in stepping from the firm but squishy mat to the hard floor and then back again. Back and forth, back and forth. Here at home she bounces on the trampoline, then walks down the tumble mat “steps” and then on to the carpeted floor, and then back up again.

But besides the cool things that help with sensory regulation, one of the more sensory friendly aspects of her room is one that I struggle with the most; keeping it simple and uncluttered. Do not mistake me for a domestic goddess; the picture of the perfectly clean room was a week in the making. What you don’t see is the mess in the hallway behind me with all the things I took out of it to get it to be clean and simple. Because, again, as the third child, a lot of toys have been collected over the past decade. Here’s hoping I can keep it visual-clutter free and sensory friendly.

And check out what I did with Lady Bug’s closet!

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