Command Hooks Montessori Style

I love Command Hooks. I have been using Command Hooks for a while now. We were renting up until a little over a year ago, so having something that didn’t damage the walls was necessary. Now, even though we own the walls, it’s nice to do something that’s not just damage free but adjustable for those times when I don’t get something perfect the first time. Which is just about every time.

Command Hook MirrorIn the past I have used the large Command Hooks to hold up the white board on the wall. A few years ago we bought a “full length,” hang-on-the-door mirror for Lady Bug because she liked dancing and perfecting her moves with her reflection. The full length mirror didn’t hang on the door low enough for her to see her feet, so large Command Hooks with a large enough gap between the hook and the back to the rescue. We also use them to hang the black out curtains in the kids’ rooms, because I’m too lazy/indecisive to install curtain rods.

The other day my very nice husband went to Walmart and bought $30’s worth of Hooks for my ideas for improving Lady Bug’s Montessori-Inspired Learning Area. I took the boards (calendar board found here, locks board found here) that were getting no attention when flat on a table and put them up on the wall at 4 year old eye level. (See top picture.) Now they’re getting attention!Dress Up Corner

I also wanted Lady Bug to get practice taking things off and putting them back on hooks. The best way to practice this is with dress up! So I used the Hooks on an unused corner of wall near her mirror to make an improvised closet. This also freed up the shelves for her Montessori trays. So far she’s not showing as much interest in the dress up things as she was when they were on her shelves. But I hope in time she will.

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