Pants Got You Down?

The Problem: Lady Bug taking off her leggins and diapers, a lot. And I’m not omnipotent, so I’m cleaning up a lot of messes. Lady Bug isn’t ready to potty train, and she ran away very upset when I tried to put a diaper back on her. I can’t follow her around the house all hours of the day to try to stop her from taking her diaper off, and she started crying every time I tried to stop her. I needed a non-confrontational way to stop her from pulling it all off that didn’t require me to be there 24/7.

The Solution: Fancy dresses. Not the regular t-shirt dresses that she wears on a regular basis (she likes dresses and it’s her preferred clothing word to say) but the longer, poofy-er, harder to get to her leggings type. I have several that I got at a cheap price at the second hand store, so I’m okay with her wearing them around the house, at the park, or wherever. It’s been a week now and we have had only one leggings and diaper down episode. (I guess the pink dress isn’t poofy enough.)

I realize this is a solution that only works for girls, but if there is someone out there with the same difficulty, I hope this helps.

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