I’m not perfect

Okay, that’s probably obvious and didn’t need to be stated. But the thing about blogs and social media is how selective you can be about what you share and what pictures show. So far the pictures I’ve shared on this blog were either taken after we’d recently had company and frantically picked up, or was taken strategically to draw your attention away from the background clutter. Because that doesn’t make a good picture. But I want to share the above picture of a semi-mess (that’s Lady Bug’s domain and it is even messier in front of the sofa, and the rest of the house, on a regular basis) and to assure you that if I’m sharing a really neat craft or project, it’s because I neglected the housework to do it. In fact most days little to no housework gets done because I only have so many spoons and that’s not high on my priority list. Homeschooling, working with and connecting with Lady Bug, and getting everyone’s needs met are my high priorities.

I wrote two years ago on my old blog about the idea of House Dysmorphic Disorder . I wanted to make sure I wasn’t being hypocritical. If you had any illusions about me being a perfect housekeeper on top of being a homeschooling mom of three special kids, shatter that image now because that’s not me. I’m just trying to do my best, and often that doesn’t feel like enough. But I really want to destigmatize imperfection, so here’s some of my warts. You don’t have to be perfect, either.

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    1. I got the idea from visiting a person once who apologized “for the mess” when her floors were clear, there was no clutter, and no problem that I could see. I wondered what the heck she was referring to! and how she would probably faint if she saw *my* mess.


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