Christmas Themed Joint Activities

I’m posting before doing any so that you can have the all in one place list if you’re looking to do something like this this month, too. Before a few weeks ago, Lady Bug couldn’t say “Christmas” and probably had no clue what it means. But then someone in a facebook group told me that Signing Time has a Christmas dvd (also available as a Digital Download).  Now Lady Bug knows Christmas and a whole bunch of other words that go with it! A cool thing about the dvds (not getting commission on them) is their menu options. You can chose for the dvd to only play secular signs and skip the Jesus story, OR you can leave out Santa and play only the religious signs and songs. Or you can play all. With Lady Bug requesting “Christmas” almost daily, of course I’m going to theme this month’s Joint Attention Activities around it.


  1. Remembering how much she enjoyed the Shiny Surface of the Moon Sensory Turtle, I filled this theme’s Sensory Turtle with boxes wrapped in shiny wrapping paper. These pretty boxes will be used to stack like building blocks as well as practice the word-paired-with-action “give. I chose a variety of sizes so we could also make size comparisons (small, big.) Lady Bug has been mentioning “gold” and “silver” a lot thanks to Signing Time’s Box of Crayons dvd, so I made sure to include those colors.  I would have liked to also have read and green foil wrapping paper for a color sort as well, but three stores yielded nothing like what I wanted so I settled for just two colors.
  2. Reach for the Snow: a winter take on the “Reach for the Stars” previous activity. I cute some paper snowflakes and hot glued them to clear fishing line and hung them from the ceiling. I hung these lower than the unsuccessful stars in the hope that having them closer would encourage Lady Bug to reach and interact with them.
  3. Learn Family Names Stockings: I got mini stockings at the craft store and used puffy paint that I already had to write “Mom,” “Dad,” and the three kids’ names on the stockings. Then I printed out pictures of each and laminated them and put them in the stockings. I doubt she’ll learn to read the boys’ names, but Mom and Dad should be familiar from Signing Time and I’ve been trying to expose her to her own name more recently.
  4. My Own Christmas Tree: I found a mini-tree at the dollar store! It’s incredible quality for the price and I was really happy to have something Lady Bug can explore with that I don’t care if it gets trashed or not because it was only a dollar. The red mini-tinsel was another dollar and there was enough to decorate the mini-tree and hang the stockings on.
  5. Open and Close, What’s Inside? Preposition Gift Boxes: another dollar store find. Two shiny small boxes with lids for a dollar that we can work on prepositions and open and close with.
  6. Christmas Lights Reflections: I got a short strand of 20 lights at the dollar store and put it over our reflections mirror for some sensory fun.
  7. Lady Bug loves tapping hard things, and especially ceramic things, against her teeth and face. Our local dollar store has themed salt and pepper shakers that are perfect for this; especially as a pair of things are always better in Lady Bug World.
  8. Jingle Sticks: $0.99 pack of dowels at Wal-Mart, silver pipecleaners and bells from the dollar store, and a hot glue gun are all you need to quickly make some fun.
  9. Clear Ornaments Sensory Bottles (not pictured): I think clear plasitc “make your own” ornaments will make great sensory bottles. I have some ideas but haven’t put them together yet. I’m thinking hot-glue on the openings will help seal them so they don’t make a mess.
  10. Christmas Word Cards: my themes are never complete without more laminated word cards! If Lady Bug didn’t love them, too, I wouldn’t be buying laminating pouches in 200 counts….

Jingle Sticks

A lot of these things are more independent play than joint activities. But I’m trying to get better about actually playing with Lady Bug. There is also my Christmas Themed Joint Activities Pinterest Board with more ideas of things to do together. Happy Holidays!


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