Interview with Builder Boy

Me: Hi, Builder Boy.

Builder Boy: Hello, Interviewer. What do you want to know about me?

Me: Let’s start with your age and why you are called Builder Boy.

BB: Hang on, for that I need to look at the calendar. [Races to go look.] Okay, I am 11 years minus 8 days old.

Me: Are you excited about your upcoming birthday? (Interview happened before his birthday but posted afterwards.)

BB: Yes! Practically excited.

Me: Why are you called Builder Boy on the blog?

BB: I love to build.

Me: What kind of things do you love to build?

BB: Okay, I like to build with my Legos, blocks, and Gears Gears Gears.

Me: What do you want to be when you grow up?

BB: A builder.

Me: And what exactly does that mean? A carpenter, a foreman, an architect, an engineer, or something else?

BB: I want to be a carpenter-architect-engineer.

Me: I see an expensive education in your future…..Besides building, what is one of your favorite things?

BB: Oh, many things. Like, I like to salvage things that are broken, like [Early Bird’s] old broken remote control car.

Me: Have you been able to make anything new with the parts yet?

BB: Not yet. I don’t have enough time to because there are so many things.

Me: What kind of things?

BB: Playing Time Travel with my brother, building with Legos, doing my homeschool.

Me: What does it mean to you to be autistic?

BB: Since I have visual spacial reasoning, I am good at solving things with 3D objects.

Me: Is there any way that autism makes your life difficult?

BB: [Paces around for several minutes, thinking about his answer.] Okay, sometimes when my brother gets into an argument with me it can be hard to stop.

Me: Is that you being autistic or him being autistic that makes that hard to stop?

BB: It’s actually both.

Me: That is a good and honest answer. What do you wish the world knew about being autistic?

BB: Being autistic isn’t like a virus that happens. When you’re born you can be autistic. You just never know when you’re going to be autistic if you are.

Me: “You just never know when you’re going to be autistic if you are.” Do you mean that you don’t know when the parents are going to figure it out, or do you mean something different?

BB: When the parents figure it out.

Me: Is there anything else you’d like to tell my readers?

BB: Well, I AM a foodie. I try new foods. Some soups I don’t like. I definitely like sea food. Anything that comes from the sea I will eat it and love it. My favorite vegetable is asparagus with hollandaise sauce.

Me: Anything else?

BB: My favorite color is blue. Any shade of blue to be precise. Also chartreuse.

Me: Thank you for your time, Builder Boy.

BB: Okay, Interviewer, but I would like to know your REAL name first. [giggles]


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  1. Hello Builder Boy!

    I find seafood delicious too. I like prawns and oysters and lobsters and crabs and crayfish best.

    And asparagus is delicious too. Did you know hollandaise is one of the five basic French sauces?

    You are a good salvager. Remote controlled cars are very cool.

    Time Travel with your brother.

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