Let’s Talk About Bleach Enemas

A few days ago in a parenting facebook group someone posted asking about parasite cleansing protocols. I asked if they were referring to bleach enemas, which got some LOL responses. Turns out, people thought I was joking. They didn’t know that some parents are so insistent on “fighting autism” and “reclaiming” their child that they squirt bleach up their kid’s butts to “kill the parasites.” And post pictures of the shredded lining of the intestines that come out, insisting it’s the dead “parasites” that are causing their child’s autism. This is a real, actual thing, and people need to know about this.

Horribly enough, this isn’t even a new thing. If you Google “bleach enemas” there was a lot of uproar about it 5 years ago. It was in the media a bit and a change.org petition was made, but that is useless because it’s not the government or doctors who are doing this to children; it’s parents. Parents who love their children and think that this is best for them. Back then it was more about drinking the “miracle” solution. I guess someone decided to repackage it as “safe” if you don’t drink it and just put it up the butt instead.

Why is this happening? How? Doesn’t everyone know putting bleach in your body is bad? Isn’t that just common sense?

Well, some parents don’t even realize it’s bleach. It’s being sold to them under different names. Others know it is bleach but insist that this is a diluted form so that makes it okay. Usually it’s diluted with lemon juice that causes a chemical reaction that makes it really bad. It’s happening covertly in secret online gatherings. It’s being done by people who don’t trust “Big Pharma” or modern medicine. It is said to have the most adherents among anti-vaxxers, but it’s hard to get a reliable census on people like this.

But mostly it’s happening because parents have been told that autism is worse than cancer because you live with autism longer while cancer kills you so you don’t have to live with it as long. It’s happening because parents think it’s okay to say “fuck autism” and rage against their child’s neurological wiring, the basis of their entire personality, but think they still love their kid. Their “normal” child that is hidden behind the autism and if they could just “Defeat Autism Now!” then they would have their real child “back.” This toxic mentality drives parents to fear autism and makes them desperate to try anything; suspending logic and common sense because someone on the internet says it “cured” their child’s autism and don’t you want that for your child, too?

This is coming back into the public’s view again because of some arrests of people selling this foul stuff in Canada. Are the parents being arrested? Pretty sure they’re not. Are they going to stop? I doubt it. This just adds to the mindset that Big Pharma and the government are trying to hush up the use of bleach to cure autism because they can’t profit from it.

I never got a response to my question in that group. I half suspect that was what they were looking for, and someone probably PM’d them a link to a secret facebook group to get instructions. Please help kill this horrible and dangerous trend by bringing it in the light of day and expose it for the hateful fraud that it is. Spread it far and wide so people know about it before they get a child’s diagnosis. Inoculate them with horror at what is being done to these poor children who have no way to control or defend against what happens to them. So that if they ever hear it being suggested in a group they know to run far away.

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  1. It alwys amazes me that people follow the latest trends without regard to scientific knowledge or research. This is a horrible “remedy” for a condition that is not yet fully understood! Parasites? I doubt it!


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