The Strange (and Wonderful) Effect of Origami Yoda

“It’s okay if you make a mistake [folding origami Yoda for him] because even Dwight makes mistakes some time, and he’s an origami MASTER!”

Who is this kid, and what did he do with my perfectionist-anxiety Early Bird?! Okay, that’s a little bit of an exaggeration; he still deals with perfectionism anxiety from time to time. But ever since he started reading the rest of the Origami Yoda books that we got the boys for Christmas, he’s been practicing on his own accepting making mistakes. Mostly with folding the different Star Wars shaped things that are taking over the house. Still; worth it. I love he picked up that lesson; that even someone who is really good at something can still make mistakes while doing it. Bonus, he got that on his own. Because the exact same thing said by mom just doesn’t have the same lasting impact.

That’s not the only way reading through the whole series has effected Early Bird. He also occasionally imitates the autistic character, Dwight, by answering, “Purple!” for yes, being silly on top of the study table, and perfecting his Yoda voice and sentence structure. There is something very special about seeing your spectrum kiddo imitating an autistic character from a book series. Seeing the representation in media is so great. My eternal gratitude to Molly, the commenter on my Underrespresentation in Popular Culture post, who recommended the Origami Yoda series.

Early Bird saw me typing up this post and asked me to include his own words as follow:

“Dwight is a great kid. He is strange in a few ways, but I totally understand that. Because he’s different from everyone else. The way he shares advice by using Origami Yoda is a spectacular way to share thoughts. I enjoy reading these books so much that I read them over and over again.”


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