OH NO! My DNA isn’t pure! /sarcasm

This is about the only explanation I can come up with that explains family members refusing to admit that a family member is autistic. That subconsciously they’re eugenicists who are horrified that their DNA has turned out a defective. That it makes them look bad to have produced such an imperfect human. No, far better to deny and refuse to believe it is possible than to believe that about themselves.

Because really there is NO excuse to tell your daughter or daughter in law or your grand child or your niece or whoever that they are wrong about their child, they’re not really autistic. So from now on anyone who denies and refuses to believe it is going to be branded a eugenicsist and a racist. Because there is no excuse for autism denial. No excuse for telling a parent that you know better than they do about their child. No excuse for failing to love and accept.

[For those who are new around here, I emphatically do not believe there is anything wrong or defective with autistic, ADD/ADHD, or any other neurodiversity. I use harsh words in the hope of shocking people out of their comfortable denial. Also, I am experiencing this personally so I’m rather….let’s go with passionate about this topic.]

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