Reaction to Autistic Child for Sale

There is an autistic child for sale on the internet.

Okay, that’s not entirely accurate, but that’s how it feels. Her adoptive family is offering to pay for someone to take her off their hands. The adoption agency advertising the child has FINANCIAL GRANT in all caps at the top of the post to let people know that this kid comes with money. What else would you call that but trying to sell her?

I have always dismissed people in the past who have said to me “I could never do what you do!” as ridiculous. I’m not doing anything any other parent wouldn’t do; I’m just loving my kids and being the best mom I can be for them. All parents would do the same if they found themselves in the same situation; I thought. I’m currently rethinking that idea. Because here is a family who are getting rid of a child because she turned out to be more trouble than they bargained for, and instead of loving the child and rising to the challenge they’re offering to pay you so they don’t have to be responsible for her anymore. What.the.hell.

I wish so much we could help her. What the adoption agency finally tells of her personality, after stating the financial incentive and then the list of therapies and interventions she attends, sounds like a child I would get along well with. I know what it feels like to be “too much,” to be told that the financial burden of your life is untenable, to be told you’re not wanted and handed off to someone else for a while. This girl needs stability and above all love and acceptance.  Ideally a neurodiverse family who knows exactly what they’d be in for taking on a hurting girl; but too many families like that already have all they can handle right now.

I’m a bit worried that a child that comes with money attached may attract the attention of a predator. Please share this around so that she can find the right family quickly, and can leave the toxic, unwelcoming environment she is currently in. And pray. The family getting rid of her want Christians to adopt her, I assume because that is something they believe they are themselves. I am thoroughly disgusted with the actions of people who would claim to be Christ followers. Here’s the link to the adoption agency ad.

Edited later to add: If you feel the need to do something, anything, even if you can’t adopt, supporting a neurodiversity positive organization is one way to help all autistic adoptees.


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  1. That’s horrifying. That poor little girl 😦 She’s old enough to know she’s being given away. I hope she ends up with amazing parents who are able to afford the therapy she’ll undoubtably need from this.

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