Three Months of Themed Joint Activities

During the spring that I was not actively blogging, Lady Bug went though a bunny rabbit phase. Her new interest happened to coincide with Easter (we don’t emphasize that aspect of Easter, though we don’t avoid it. She was showing interest in all bunnies before she saw them in a store) so there were plenty of bunnies to be had. She even played with the person dressed up in a bunny costume at a local Easter Egg hunt. It was magical.

Garden Sensory TurtleI was really ready for spring at the time, so I went a little overboard at the local Dollar Store buying associated items for a Spring Garden theme. Our faithful Sensory Turtle got turned into a garden with brown pieces of duct tape and dollar store fake flowers in rainbow order. 3 and a half months later, a lot of the flowers have been picked off the stems, and the stems are hanging sideways after multiple pull attempts. But for the first two months it stayed very neat looking. I also made a “dig” pot with dried beans. Lady Bug didn’t care about the scoop, but she had a ton of fun with the beans. We named the colors of the flowers together, we matched items with the same color flowers, and there was a lot of vocabulary back and forth going on. As usual there were also a lot of laminated printables; I love these ones in particular.

For more Spring and Garden themed activities to do together to learn and practice joint attention, I made a Spring Joint Activities board on Pinterest.

29261165_10211371588952797_3625191898085326848_n(1)I also made a mini-world for Lady Bug to play with her many toy butterflies. I knew I could not set something up and expect it to stay nice. Lady Bug is the Queen of dumping things out. So I got a plastic bowl, some rocks, and other things from the Dollar Store and I hot glued them all together. That way it would stay fun to play with instead of ending up scattered and the rocks chewed on. I wouldn’t say she plays with it much on her own, but we have played with it together when we do butterfly things.

For more Butterfly and Insect themed activities to do, I made a Butterflies and Caterpillars Joint Attention board, including a Very Hungry Caterpillar subsection.

30725121_10211590613308269_2149192684206555136_nAfter the bunny phase, Lady Bug went through a pig phase for a month. I combined that with farm activities and we had a lot of fun, although during that time I mostly gave her laminated things associated with her interest and took a needed break.

Pig PoemFor things like this poem, I copied it from this blog and used google pictures. That blog post has several pig themed activities along with it.

For more Farm and Pig Themed Joint Activities, the Pinterest Board is here.

We’ve kind of been taking the last two months off of things, but that doesn’t stop Lady Bug from learning! Her laminated word cards are still some of her favorite things to play with, and I think she’s starting to memorize some of the words! The exposure to words that have to do with her current interest is such a good way to get her to expand her vocabulary; even if she rarely uses the words.

For more specifics on how I use these activities to gain joint attention, I wrote about that here.

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