Why are we okay with these odds?

Applied Behavioral Analysis (also known as ABA) has only a 50/50 chance of "working." And that number gives all of the credit to the "therapy" and none to the child's natural development, assuming that between the years of ages 3 and 6 the child would make no progress on their own. However, there is an... Continue Reading →

Test for Neurotypicality

[Image of a black and white crowd with red "Test for Neurotypicallity" is intended to be a satire of doom and gloom posts about tests for autism.] I was scrolling through all my "Saved" links on Facebook when I was reminded of this link. It's a bit tongue-in-cheek, but it tests for "neruotypicality" (which I've... Continue Reading →

Fall Themed Joint Activities

We did this last fall and we're doing it again this fall! Fall is my favorite time of year, and I try to bring it about as soon as possible indoors, even if the outside insists that it's still summer. I looked through my old posts and realized I totally forgot to blog about this... Continue Reading →

Today Early Bird asked me what it means when dogs yawn. I was surprised because I thought the answer was obvious. So I asked him what it means when he yawns to nudge him into the answer I thought was correct. Early Bird replied that it doesn't matter what it means when humans do it,... Continue Reading →

Getting My Tween To Talk

(This post was written with permission from Builder Boy. As he gets older, I am trying to be more aware of how blogging about him affects him, both now and in the future. He has veto and editorial power.) You know how the best parents are the people who don't have any kids? (Sarcasm) I... Continue Reading →


To help me infuse more emotion into my writing, I started searching around the internet for information on body language. But I also noticed some other things that I picked up on in my earlier searches: things that are natural for autistics are often listed as expressions of negative emotions.

Toilet Transitions

Going to the bathroom is boring. But there's a lot more than just that going on for autistics that make us avoid going until we absolutely have to.

Follow Up on Autistic Child for Sale

Since being simultaneously outraged and heartbroken at the advertisement for the autistic girl, I have learned some horrible truths. Apparently attaching grant money to children in order to pay for them to be re-adopted is common place, especially for special needs children that are even less wanted than regular children. And there are so many... Continue Reading →

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