Follow Up on Autistic Child for Sale

Since being simultaneously outraged and heartbroken at the advertisement for the autistic girl, I have learned some horrible truths. Apparently attaching grant money to children in order to pay for them to be re-adopted is common place, especially for special needs children that are even less wanted than regular children. And there are so many... Continue Reading →

New Option to Replace Functioning Levels

The autistic community (talking about #actuallyautistic people) are pretty sick of functioning labels. The labels are divisive and dismissive. Would YOU want to be called "low functioning" ? No? Then how dare we call others that. Not to mention, an autistic's ability to do something can vary from day to day and circumstance to circumstance.... Continue Reading →

Birthdays and Autism

"My family is insisting my autistic child should have a birthday party, but my child gets sensory overload from parties and hates the change in routine. What should I do?"

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