Comparing Autism Spectrum Disorder and Deafness

This is a thoughtful and well written response to a mistake I made in ignorance in my The Great Divide is an Illusion post. I am grateful that the author took the time to point this out, and urge you to read what they wrote.

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I recently read a blog post entitled The Great Divide is an Illusion. The author makes a number of good points about how people at both ends of the Autism Spectrum have shared experiences and have the same disorder. Her opinion is that consequently people with Asperger’s (HFA, ASD level 1, whatever you want to call it) can provide useful insight into what someone with Classic Autism (ASD level 3 etc) is experiencing.

This is all well and good but then she makes the following comment.

If my child were deaf, that would be out of my experience. I could guess and imagine what’s going on with my kid, but until we’re good at signing to each other, I’m going to be somewhat in the dark. The best person who could explain to me what my child is experiencing would be a deaf adult who can read lips or…

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Hugs Offered

Can you imagine such a world where you don't invade someone's personal space ever; you're either welcomed or you just don't touch them?

A Look at Scripting in our Home

I've mentioned scripting and scripting sources before, but I've not shared very much what it looks like. Lady Bug was talking precociously at 14 months. Sometime around her 2nd birthday, she stopped talking. For a few months the only indicators of what she was thinking and feeling was what Little Einstein song's melody she was... Continue Reading →

The Great Divide is an Illusion

There is a commonly held belief among a portion of the Autism Community (that being the neurotypical/allistic/non-autistic parents of autistic kids) that insist that Asperger's should never have been included with Autism in the newest DSM.

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