Lining Things Up

Google the phrase "lining things up" and you get scary results with words like "red flag" and "inappropriate play." Why is this so threatening?

What I Knew Before

The average person doesn't need to be an expert on autism, but they do need to know some things. To determine what those things are, I looked back at what I knew about autism before I actually had to.


These are real quotes from actual people who many parents of autistics follow and believe. It is my hope that by quoting these people with their own words that people will see the truth of them and will stop listening to them and their messages of hate.

Autism Identification Anniversary

You may not be aware, but often in the Autistic/Neurodiversity community we celebrate the day we found out. This is because we see self knowledge as a good thing. March 17th/St. Patrick's Day is Lady Bug's official identification/diagnosis day, but we celebrate for the whole family. That's because it's also the day that it was... Continue Reading →

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